Hollywood Livestock

Our mission at Hollywood Livestock is to provide Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas with a local and regional source of quality food. We strive for complete transparency in our operation to ensure consumers know exactly how their food has been raised. We provide a pasture-based forage environment allowing livestock to be raised as naturally as possible, without the use of hormones and/or antibiotics EVER. We are also committed to utilizing humane handling practices.

Although pasture-based practice for raising livestock has long been practiced in certain areas of the country, it is still an emerging industry in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. We pride ourselves in being on the cutting edge of this food source by continuously researching new and efficient ways to grow this industry. We act as consultants with other regionally based operators by encouraging and sharing “best practices” in raising hormone and antibiotic-free meat. By using this collective, cooperative approach to this growing industry, we find that we can provide a consistently steady source of quality products to meet the ever growing demand of our customers.