Kent Farms

Clinton, LA

Amelia and Russell Kent combined their individual farms and their degrees in agribusiness and economics to create their sustainable farm Kent Farms in Clinton, Louisiana. Amelia gew up on her parents' cattle ranch in Colorado while Russell was the fourth generation of family farmers in East Feliciana Parish. Together, they raise cattle and grow quality grass using humane, sustainable practices. 

Amelia says "we're grass farmers first", and she means that! With both summer and winter grasses, Amelia and Russell implement a rotational grazing system. Their summer grasses include Pensacola and Argentine Bahia while their winter grasses include ryegrass and various clovers. The overall care they put into their grass ensures that their cattle are getting the best food possible while roaming free on pastures. The amazing quality of their beef is an indication of how much work they put into their farm. We believe Russell and Amelia are providing us with some of the best grass-fed beef out there.