River Road Coffee

This wholesome tradition began in the 1800s at a small country store along River Road and continues today with River Road Coffees. From its humble beginnings, coffee has always been part of our lives. Stanislaus and Marie Melancon began everyday with a hot and steamy cup of coffee. Mrs. Melancon, known as “Mam Laus” by customers and friends, made sure everyone in the house enjoyed a perfect cup of coffee everyday. The aroma swept through the house on that bright and dewy morning. Stanislaus and Marie Melancon awoke to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, and it was this particular morning the idea came to them. They realized how folks and family could come together to share wisdom and special times over a great cup of coffee. And soon the couple and their small country store became a local tradition for good times and great coffee.

We are proud to select, blend, roast, package and distribute River Road Coffees around the Baton Rouge area. Our coffee is specially blended to meet the perfect quality flavors that Papa and Mam Laus enjoyed with their family and friends each day.

Like a delicious slow roasted coffee, we take our time roasting the beans, personally watching over the grinding and packaging. Freshness is essential for great coffee, so we strive for the shortest time from the roaster to you. We are constantly putting new products on the shelves to ensure you drink River Road Coffees at its peak of freshness.