Vermilion Bay Sweet

The Vermilion Bay Sweet story began with a question — How can shrimpers and processors find new and unique ways to sell premium shrimp, at fair value, year-round? In the small town of Delcambre, shrimpers were slowly rebuilding their business after multiple hurricane-related incidents and the BP oil spill. Stakeholders knew, however, that to truly rebuild a successful shrimping industry would take something more . . . the ability to create a gourmet, locally branded, frozen product that brought top sales even during the offseason. And not just any product, but one using premium jumbo shrimp, hand-peeled to preserve that just-caught flavor. And so came the genesis of Delcambre Direct Program. Developed with the help of LSU as well as other grants, and through the help of local businesses, Delcambre Direct enables local fisherman to market and distribute their local, wild caught seafood directly to consumers. We created the marketing brand, Vermilion Bay Sweet, that supports the hard work of all local fishermen. All our products are wild-caught, certified Louisiana products that are hand-processed, vacuum pack free of the STP (sodium tripolyphosphate) additive found in most other shrimp packs, and frozen.